Voicewalk Introduces iOS App Demos

by Voicewalk Team in

At Voicewalk, we’re always striving to be on the cutting edge of video production. This is why we’re so excited to announce the launch of our newest solution – Real-Time, High Definition Demonstration Videos for iOS Apps.

We’re utilizing an innovative video technique that doesn’t require the use of video cameras and eliminates the need for filming  hand movements which can obstruct features. Instead, we’re providing a much higher quality alternative that delivers a crystal clear, professional demo that showcases features in an amazing new way.

With a Voicewalk demonstration video, you can show your app’s video playback capabilities in full HD. We can even capture live video feed from an iPad or iPhone camera.
Of course, effective communication of features and benefits is crucial in any app demo. Now, you can zoom in and highlight important areas of interest and even reinforce key points during the  video by adding eye-catching call-out bubbles.

Our demos are viewable in both landscape and portrait modes for any app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod. And, we provide a variety of file formats to ensure that your video is viewable from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Because business of all sizes, along with developers, are continuing to expand the functionality of Apple products by producing an amazing array of apps, Voicewalk is offering two types of demo video packages:

Do you have an app that you’d like to show the online world? Contact us today at 1-866-936-0234  for more information about Voicewalk’s iOS App Demos. And, don’t forget to  enter our “Show Us Your App” Contest for a chance to win a free Voicewalk iOS App Demo!